How to Remove Skunk Odor Indoors

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No-one wants to run into a skunk because they are not nice creatures and if they come into your home, you will have no idea how you can remove that odor from the home. It is a nightmare; the smell can get into your clothes, and trying to get rid of it is almost impossible to do because the smell is that bad that you might never be able to get cleared of the smell.

There are still some ways to remove the smells however it is not very easy to do however but after a few times of trying then you might find there is a way to do so. So you need to gather your materials before you procedure. You need things such as white vinegar, ¼ of white vinegar, some baking soda one box full of baking soda. You also need to get bleach, Febreeze, hydrogen peroxide, Skunk off – this is a cleaning solution and don’t forget your old rags and a spot of
dish detergent.

If you find there is the smell in your carpet then you need to treat the carpet with baking soda; you will have to sprinkle this all around the carpet especially the area which is the problem area. You really need to have the baking soda spreadacross the carpet evenly and the powder will need time to work into the carpet. The baking soda might have to be left for thirty minutes or so because it can be vacuumed up and then hopefully the smell is gone, if not then try this a few more times again.

If you find that it is your furniture which has the smell then you are going to need baking soda, dish detergent and of course vinegar and mix together; you should find that a paste is created from these and add to your furniture. This should be left for at least ten minutes or so before you can remove it, it should be removed with a rag or cloth that is wet but if the smell persists then keep on trying this method before you throw your furniture out.

Take the paste you created from your furniture and add that to your floor if you have trouble with the floor though add hydrogen peroxide instead of the vinegar because that should work a little better. For your curtains then try putting them into the washing machine and see if this removes the smell, if it doesn’t then baking soda and vinegar will need to be added.If this doesn’t work then try to add Febreeze instead and see if that works or not; if it doesn’t then get some water and bleach and make a nine to one ratio and clean the problem area with the cold water. Hopefully the smell will be removed and then the smell should be gone.

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