Pregnant Escorts and Health

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Pregnant Escorts and Health

Nowadays it becomes popular among the clients of escort agencies to have the relations with pregnant escorts. In Spain pregnant escorts are nearly impossible to find, but surprisingly.

Spanish escorts in London are sometimes offering such services. So the quantity of pregnant escorts has grown because of the high price of their services. Many escorts became pregnant occasionally, but nevertheless a lot of them want to give birth to the child and become mothers. So this article is for the pregnant escort ladies who want to have a healthy child.

If the escort lady decides to give birth to the child, she should visit the specialist who will do full examination. According to the opinion letter it will become clear whether the escort can continue her career or not.

But there are a lot of situations when the escort has to stop working and having sex:

  • marginal or complete placental presentation;
  • blood-tinged (bloody) discharge;
  • multiple pregnancy;
  • infections;
  • miscarriage threat;
  • not tightly closed neck of uterus;
  • exacerbation of prostatitis at the man;
  • colpitis at the escort woman;
  • escort has already had a pregnancy which ended with an miscarriage or preterm delivery;
  • the previous pregnancy proceeded with miscarriage threat.

During pregnancy the gynecologist can also make recommendations about total sex abstinence for some period of time, for example:

  • the last 3 months of the pregnancy if it is multiple pregnancy;
  • during the first two months of pregnancy if the escort has already had a miscarriage;
  • the last two months if the escort has already had preterm delivery.

And there are two types of sex which aren’t desirable for pregnant escort lady:

  • cunnilingus;
  • sex with the infected partner.

It isn’t desirable to have cunnilingus during pregnancy, because escort lady can get the air in a vagina, what can cause embolism. The embolism can be fatal as for mother and for the child too. There were actually ten deaths caused by such type of sex.

And of course the pregnant escort woman should not have sexual relations with the partner infected (is the carrier) with sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea, AIDS, syphilis, herpes, group B streptococci. Passing through maternal passages the newborn can get the infection which is potentially fatal.

Having sex with new partner it is necessary to be cautious. Escorts should practice safe sex and use condoms. But if she is in the relations with this man long ago, and both of you are healthy, the usage of a condom is not obligatory and senselessly.

Generally, it is possible to draw a conclusion that during pregnancy it is possible to have sex, and it is even necessary, but there are cases when it is better to have total sex abstinence.

Total sex abstinence is not only sex avoidance. The escort also should keep herself in calm. Sometimes it may be impracticable, but for the sake of health of your kid it is necessary to follow doctor’s instructions. So take care of yourself and your future children and remember that the jod is not so important as you baby.

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