4 reasons people swipe right on dating apps

4 reasons people swipe right on dating apps

Dating apps have set up the trend for swiping left and right. People who use dating apps swipe left and right on many people. Swiping right https://www.bikersnearby.com provides approval of what characteristic you want to a person. The decision of swiping takes only a few second. Here are four reasons why people swipe right on the dating apps.


If a person is attracted to the profile of another person, then the person will swipe right. Attractiveness can come from the profile pic or the way the bio is written, etc.

Looking for a match

When a person finds a profile that is similar to theirs, the person swipes right. They prefer profiles of people that have similar features to theirs. It shows that the other person might have same personality features as theirs.

Personality judgement

People look at the personality of the other person. They look at things like whether the person is smart, fun, trustworthy, etc. These personality traits vary from one person to another, but they tend to look for the type of personality.


The uniqueness of people makes us swipe right. To some people the uniqueness may be attractive, whereas to others, it may be a turnoff. Those people who find it attractive swipes right.

The more you swipe right, the more matches you will find. But before swiping, it’s better to wait a few seconds to think what the characteristic is. You should make a thoughtful decision, rather than an instinctive one. This way you will get authentic matches.

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